How to Tie Shoelaces Fast and Easy – Do you know the Solution?

When were the first shoelaces used?

What happened before the invention of shoelaces? People have tied their shoes to their feet already during the Bronze Age, if not earlier. Slaughter Ötzi was murdered in the Tyrolean Alps over 5000 years ago. After which his mummified mortal remains defied global warming of the atmosphere. He walked into the hills in leather shoes, which he knelt on with a complicated beam of rope.

The oldest pair of shoes that are bound with shoelaces, drawn through a series of holes, are on display at the London Museum. But it took many centuries that this way of shoe mounting was widespread since at the end of the 19th century most boots and shoes were closed with buttons or clips, which was a very demanding and time-consuming task.

How shoe technology advanced?

Due to advancements in shoe technology and changing fashion trends, the buttons switched off the lens. Initially, it was mostly made of leather, cannabis or cotton, and in the last few decades, it has experienced numerous aesthetic origins and material updates. Shoe manufacturers are increasingly introducing round spinners made of synthetic fibers into their products, which also look more beautiful than a flat cotton done. Therefore, they are not reliable because they are very often untied.

Do we know the solution to problems with untied shoelaces?

You can shove them inside your sneakers but that hurts. You can do a double knot, but then taking off your shoes becomes complicated. 

Not to worry.

Elastic no tie Shoelaces has come to our rescue!

How Elastic no tie Shoelaces were born?

Lock Laces® were born in 1997, when Eric Jackson, a track athlete, became frustrated with his shoelaces coming untied during races and decided to come up with a solution. One day, Eric went home after practice and fashioned the first pair of Lock Laces® out of two bungee cords and a two cord locks. When his friends kept asking him to make them a pair, he knew that his solution had retail potential.

The next year, Eric filed for and obtained a patent, set up shop, and began selling Lock Laces®.

Turn Any Shoe into a Slip-On

With LOCK LACES, you can turn any pair of lace-up tennis shoes or sneakers into slip-ons. The elastic laces will stretch when you put your foot in the shoe (so you won’t damage the heel) and the lock will keep your laces at the perfect tension. If you suffer from arthritis, have trouble bending down to tie your shoes, or are just tired of tying your kids’ shoes, LOCK LACES are perfect for you.

In addition to the no-tie convenience, LOCK LACES feature the following benefits:

  • Easily Adjustable Tension: Dial in the tightness for extra support before a run and loosen up to give your feet room to breathe after the race.
  • Stretch-Fit Comfort: Our firm but flexible elastic laces hug your foot for added comfort and support as your feet swell throughout the day
  • One Size Fits All (kids and adults): Don’t worry about what size laces will fit in your shoes! LOCK LACES are one size and will fit in adults’ or kids’ shoes.
  • Simple Installation: Get up and running with LOCK LACES in just 5 minutes with our easy installation instructions
  • Water Resistant: LOCK LACES are tough enough to stand up to the tests of everyday life. Your shoes will wear down before your LOCK LACES will!

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Easily Adjustable Tension

LOCK LACES were originally developed for runners to keep them from having to stop and tie their shoes during a big race. When we put the product out there, we were overwhelmed by all of the different groups of people who could benefit from LOCK LACES.

  • RUNNERS love the adjustable tension and stretch-fit comfort that LOCK LACES offer. Just dial in the tension before a run and LOCK LACES’ elastic laces conform to your foot to improve blood flow and circulation during the run.
  • TRIATHLETES love the extra few seconds that LOCK LACES save them in their bike-to-run transition. These athletes demand the best out of their gear, and LOCK LACES deliver!
  • PARENTS love the time and energy that LOCK LACES save them every day getting the kids ready for school.
  • KIDS love that LOCK LACES come in cool colors to match their shoes. Plus, they can wear “big kid” shoes instead of velcro even if they can’t tie their shoes.
  • SENIORS love the independence and freedom that LOCK LACES give them. Arthritis and joint replacements can make tying shoes difficult or even dangerous. Worry no more with LOCK LACES.

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Simple 3-Step Installation

1. Replace Your Laces

Lace up your shoes, thread the laces through the passages on the lock device, press down on the top of the lock, and slide the lock to the tongue of the shoe.

2. Trim to Fit

Use a pair of scissors to trim off the excess laces. We recommend cutting 2-3 inches below the lock to leave room for adjustment. 

3. Secure

Thread the trimmed lace ends through the hole on the cord clip and align with the “teeth” inside. Then, snap the cord clip together to secure.

LOCK LACES are the original, patented elastic no-tie shoelaces with over 3 million pairs sold worldwide. Simply replace your shoelaces with LOCK LACES, and you’ll never have to worry about your shoes coming untied again! Plus, the elastic material provides firm but flexible support and comfort to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Each pack contains one pair of LOCK LACES. Each pair contains: two 48” elastic shoelaces, two patented lock devices, and two cord clips. 

LOCK LACES are available in several beautiful colors

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