Nordic Walking

Nordic walking – what equipment do I need?

What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is a special form of walking, which has been very popular in recent years. It’s about walking with the help of special bars similar to Nordic skiing sticks (cross-country skiing), but adapted for different surfaces. This kind of exercise is a workout of the entire body, as the arms and the shoulder ring contribute to the movement alongside the legs.


Why is it different from normal walking?

During Nordic walking, muscles of the upper body and carcass are actively involved in movement. Hand-held and a longer step during Nordic walking allow for almost 30% higher energy consumption compared to normal walking.

Scientists report a higher heart rate during Nordic walking compared to normal walking at the same speed of movement. The rod support ensures better balance and increased safety during exercise. The sticks allow the weight to be distributed to the upper part of the body, which partially relieves the joints on the lower extremities. Because of these factors, Nordic walking is one of the most safe and effective forms of recreation.


To whom it is intended

Nordic walking is suitable for all age groups and all kinds of recreational people.

To whom we recommend:

  • all those who would like to actively spend their free time in nature
  • weight loss, since in this type of aerobic activity more muscle groups are involved than in normal walking, which in turn leads to higher energy consumption
  • recreational players who would like to be active throughout the year in all weather conditions older people who want to maintain vitality
  • athletes who want to improve aerobic endurance. For beginners we recommend longer less intensive trips. More experienced and better prepared recreational players can also try shorter and more intensive training.

Nordic walking is not just walking with bars

For beginners, we recommend visiting a Nordic walking course or at least consulting with an expert, because there is no Nordic Walking walking. In Nordic walking, it is about harmonizing the alternating movement of hands and feet.

Irregularity in the technique can cause more damage than the benefit. The right technique follows certain laws. The opening with the rods allows for a significantly longer step compared to normal walking. The rod is inserted at an acute angle between the feet, where we take care that the arm in the elbow is tilted to the right angle.

Using our hands, we help you to move from the background backwards. We pass by hand by passing our hips, so that at the end of the hand weave it is completely extended. At the end of the discard, we completely lower the rod. During the Nordic walk, the carcass is slightly inclined forward.

What equipment do I need?

Typical Nordic walking equipment is, of course,


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The length of the poles depends primarily on the height of the individual, but also depends on the length of the step, the walking rhythm, the muscular strength, and, last but not least, the training goals.

The approximate length of the poles is obtained by multiplying the body height by 0.68. Better-prepared individuals can also use longer sticks.

We also recommend comfortable sports wear, hat, gloves and footwear with a good sole.

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