Popcorn calories

Popcorn calories

Popcorn baking can be quite a tricky and much more demanding task than it seems at first glance. Not only do all sorts of grains burst very rarely during the baking process, most of them quickly catch on the bottom of the pan and even burn. In order to avoid any inconvenience regarding the baking of popcorn in the future, we found a simple recipe and a trick to complete the whole popcorn.

Ingredients for perfect popcorn:

3 teaspoons of coconut fat
1/3 cups of corn grains for popcorn
1 teaspoon butter for dressing

Instructions for preparing a complete popcorn:

In the pan, dissolve the coconut fat, which is optionally added to the salt. Place 4 grains in the oil and cover the pan. When the grains begin to burst, the bottom of the pan is covered with the remaining grains. Cover the pan and wash off the heat.

We count up to 30 (maybe even voiced, which will be particularly pleasing to our youngest ones) and we return the pan to the cooker.

This simple trick will cause all the grains to burst at a time. Move the pan to the left and right while steaming. When the crack is slowed down, the pan is removed from the stove and a full crack is shaken in a large bowl. In the still hot pots we put the butter and pour over the popcorn in the container with it. If necessary, add salt and serve.

But what about calories?

Unleash the butter. The sweetest and most popular, which is not missing in any cinema, is made with a lot of butter and seasoned with a lot of salt, which is more than doubled in their caloric value. Analyzes have shown that the average measure of such a popcorn in a cinema can also contain up to 1100 calories. While the same amount of popcorn, prepared at home and seasoned with only a little salt, contains about 400 calories.

So, would you like popcorn with less calories?

Is the upper recipe too demanding for you?

We have a solution!

The Original Salbree Silicone Microwave Popcorn Maker




If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to eating bagged popcorn, look no further. The Salbree microwave popcorn maker requires no oil. In addition to eating healthier, you will save a tremendous amount of money from not using bagged popcorn.

This microwave popcorn making bowl will revive your popping experience and make incredibly delicious popcorn in just 3-4 minutes. Stop filling up the landfills with unneeded trash and bring the movie theater experience home using the Salbree popcorn popper.

– Special Handles– Get alleviated from using oven mittens; you can use its exclusive handles to remove it directly from the microwave and toss the popper comfortably while seasoning.

– Ecologically Friendly– It does not produce any trash like that of microwave popping bags and helps in keeping the environment clean.

– Easy to clean– The silicon used is of high quality. It is a non-porous material and doesn’t allow bacteria and other microbes to stick on it easily. It is dishwasher safe and cleans very easy.

– 100 % money back guarantee – The product is so good that we are confident you’ll love it. Therefore, we are offering 30-Day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.



– Safe for hands– The convenient handles allow easy grabbing and safe transportation.

– Quality assured – This product uses only food-grade silicone.

– A healthy alternative– You can have a healthy bowl of nutritious popcorn without adding any oil or salt. Make popcorn YOUR way! Otherwise, you can also prepare a tasty bowl of popcorn by adding your favorite and seasoning of your choice.

– Easy to use and clean – Made of high-quality silicon, it is extremely easy to handle, use and clean.


Top customer reviews


Phil SelmanTop Contributor: Cycling
 5.0 out of 5 stars
The Reason Air Popper Are Obsolete
April 11, 2017

Color: Purple, Verified Purchase

This thing is amazing. If you like popcorn but really don’t want the oil, this is the way to go. No joke—it’s totally worth the money.

Waitaminute—can’t you just pop regular popcorn in the microwave? Yes, yes you can. However, you have to put that popcorn in something, because otherwise, those tiny exploding kernels will absolutely DESTROY your microwave. That leaves us with one little problem: what do you microwave your popcorn in?

Plastic containers will melt. Seriously—all of them. I put the best microwave-safe plastic container Rubbermaid makes in my 1250-watt Panasonic microwave and melted it to a smoldering heap of bubbling plastic inside of three minutes.

The grotesque amorphous blob of liquified polymer and charred starch I retrieved from its chamber of death resembled something from the final scenes of Akira more than a tasty snack.

Okay, what about glass? Glass and crockery exhibit the same impressive heat-absorption properties as plastic, only they just stay hot. As in, double up your pot holders, this is going to get ugly hot. So, you may be thinking: golly Phil, why not just wait for it to cool down before you take it out of the microwave?

That would be a great solution, except that if you wait more than a minute, you can say goodbye to the outer layer of your popcorn, which will smolder into a crust that will ruin the rest of your popcorn, which will now taste like burnt socks. No… this is not the way to go.

Paper bags are a time-tested solution. They cool down quickly, keep the popcorn contained, and can do the trick well. Another thing that’s both true and well known about microwaving paper bags (or just paper in general) is that it’s a HORRIBLE IDEA!

That paper bag trick will work just fine until that one time (actually, it took two times to teach me better) a kernel gets stuck in the corner and causes the bag to burst into flames. Trust me, flames are not something you want to see on the inside of your microwave.

Enter this bad boy. This thing is made from silicone, which means it can take the heat but cools down fast. The lid sits inside and cups the popping chamber, and the bottom of the bowl is concave, which keeps the kernels together so they pop evenly.

The result is that I can pop a quarter cup of popcorn in under two minutes in this thing without a single un-popped kernel. The popcorn is nice and fluffy, I don’t need to use oil, and there’s no papery taste like what you get from an air popper. I couldn’t be happier.

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Old Toadon
 5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent cooking bowl, I recommend it
May 22, 2018
Color: Green, Verified Purchase

This is a surprisingly effective popcorn bowl.

I eat a lot of popcorn and have tried a lot of different ways of cooking it (air popper, Whirlypop, stovetop, oil-based popping plate device, microwave popcorn, and some others). This is one of the best ones.

Air poppers create healthy popcorn, but it is so dry and adding melted butter or spraying with oil after never does it for me. With this bowl, I can use it as a hybrid between an air popper and stovetop by putting just a small amount of oil in, yielding crunch healthier popcorn that is not totally dry.

By adding some oil too, it tastes similar to popcorn cooked on the stove with the Whirlypop.

I’ve also been able to add some tobasco sauce before cooking to season it (I do this on the stovetop sometimes but the fumes are bad so I don’t do it often). It worked better for spicing up the popcorn without odorizing the house.

You can just toss it in the dishwasher to clean it, so everything is neat and tidy. And you can push the bowl down to collapse it if you need space.

Also if you are having a movie night and several people want popcorn, if you buy a couple of these everyone can easily have their own bowl, no concerns about the kid who doesn’t wash his hands or anything like that.

One note: the instructions say to wait until popping slows to 5 seconds between pops. If you do this, it will burn. Stop it early, just after popping has slowed down and it is maybe 0.5 – 2 seconds between pops. IMO it is better to have a few unpopped kernels than to have the whole batch tasting scorched.

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