Running in Winter

How to dress for running in winter days?


Use Lightweight, Multi-layered clothing

For running in winter dress appropriately with weather (temperature and air humidity). It is worthwhile to dress enough to maintain body temperature, but not too much. Enhanced sweating due to excessive thermal insulation of the body dislodges clothing (especially cotton), which consequently loses insulation ability.

Light clothing in several layers should be worn for cold weather. The short and long-sleeved shirt should be made of synthetic materials that drain the sweat away from the skin to the outside of the shirt. Then wear a warmer sweatshirt, and windshield jacket or anorak (a heat-retaining and breathable windshield jacket) for protection against rain.

The multi-layer system keeps body heat and dry skin even during the cold months, as well as allowing relaxed movement. If it gets hot, you simply take one of the clothes out and run on.

Extra Winter Clothing: Below are the lower pants, winter crawls and socks. Many people have cold hands, so it is highly recommended to wear gloves in the winter. Lightweight nylon will be better than cotton or wool. In cold weather, put on a hat or headband. In the coldest days, fleece caps or some other warm material will be suitable to avoid the loss of valuable heat through the skin on the head.

Sensitive runners should be wrapped in a shawl in the cold weather around the mouth and nose. They can also use a mask, which will at least slightly heat the air before entering. During exercise in cold, breathing through the nose is also recommended (consequence is slower running).

Be visible! If you are running in darkness, dress in as bright as possible (white) clothes. If you run along the roads in the darkness, you must put on the illuminating signs, especially on the back, chest, arms and legs.

We also need a Backpack or a running bag. You can store the most basic items in it. When buying, check for good adhesion and enough space for all your supplies: cell phone, keys, cards headphones and money.

Wave goodbye to Armbands and Fanny Packs

Introducing the FlipBelt!



An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle; that’s certain. These days, however, even the healthiest people are weighed down—and not by those few extra pounds you’re trying to lose or those growing muscles, but by all the things they ‘must’ have with them: keys, phones, wallets, credit cards, ID cards, headphones.

Most people use a variety of accessories while exercising in order to keep their stuff safe, not to mention secure. The armband and fanny pack used to be the standard. Not anymore.


Why choose the FlipBelt?

  • Extremely comfortable and versatile
  • Phones are getting too large for Armbands
  • No fasterners for a chafe free experience
  • Bounce free and will not ride up
  • Used for travel and hidden money belt
  • Insulin pump, inhalers, EpiPens, and pills
  • Fashionable! Fanny packs are not!



Quality you can Count on


Quality control and quality materials insure that every one of our belts fits and performs perfectly, every time. FlipBelt stands by their product, thats why there’s always a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The difference is in the details! The FlipBelt features maximum stretch and recovery stitching, flat seam and piping, reinforced stitching, a 3M reflective logo, true active wear sizing, the highest quality Micropoly fabric, and double stitching.

The most Versatile Solution

Workout armbands are often specifically made to fit a certain model of phone. While that keeps them secure, armbands often don’t have enough room to fit other items, like keys or money; their sizes are also customized to fit only the newer models of phones, so finding one to fit the relatively old-school iPod Touch, Nano, or Shuffle could be difficult. And what about those regular phone upgrades? It’s becoming more common to only go a year or two with the same phone—meaning you’ll have to upgrade your armband, too.

The Patented Original

Designed and shipped from the USA. We are the original manufacturers of the tubular belt.

FlipBelt Trademark Reg. No. 4,300,574 Issue Date: 3/12/2013 Product U.S. Pat. No. US D691,795 S Issue Date: 10/22/2013.

Be aware of copy cats! Knock-off FlipBelts ship from other countries and take weeks to arrive, stretch out, bleed onto clothing, only use single stitching and they don’t allow exchanges. You will not experience this type of hassle when you purchase from FlipBelt, the original tubular belt.

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