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Travel Checklist is a simple utility that you can use whenever you will go on a trip. How many times happened to you a few hours before the trip, you haven’t started packing yet?

Then you nervously start packing and thinking about what you’ve forgotten to put in your luggage all the time. A classic example of a bad start. A list of the contents of the luggage would help you In this case. It’s also good to start packing a day or two before starting the route of course. So you can jump into the store for the missing things.

If you are among those who can not take the time to compile a list of contents of luggage, we have prepared your Travel checklist. Delete or add items according to your wishes, and use the list for packaging for the following trips. You will be surprised at how quickly the packing will be. You will never forget anything at home again, and before that early morning flight, you can sleep well.

Travel Checklist of luggage

Documents and Cards
Documents and Cards

Travel Checklist – documents and money

  • passport with all the necessary visas (check the validity of the passport)
  • photos for obtaining visas at the borders, if you can get them there
  • tickets (bus / train / airline …)
  • cash
  • traveler’s checks
  • credit/bank cards
  • your bank/issuer credit card numbers (to cancel stolen cards)
  • insurance policy for travel insurance
  • photocopies of passports, visas, tickets, traveler’s checks, and insurance policies
  • a photocopy of the marriage certificate (especially if you are traveling to Islamic countries)
  • travel guide (if the book is thick and you only need a few pages, copy them and leave a book at home)
  • maps
  • confirmation of hotel reservations
  • waist belt for money/documents, the so-called “money belt”
Travel Guides
Travel Guides

Traveling pharmacy

  • Aspirin, combined powder or a similar painkiller
  • Lekadol or a similar agent against colds and heat (paracetamol)
  • medical charcoal or similar anti-poisoning agent
  • laxative
  • Dramione or similar anti-travel agent (if you are sensitive)
  • antiseptic cream (for example, Bepanthen) for small wounds and scratches, which are particularly affected by tropical conditions
  • Kamal or a similar agent for the mitigation of skin infections due to excessive sunbathing, excessive sweating, insect spots or instead of swelling, wrinkles, and bumps
  • patches, dressings, scissors
  • thermometer (do not forget that mercury thermometers are not allowed to enter to aircraft) contraceptives
Traveling Wardrobe
Traveling Wardrobe

Traveling wardrobe

  • underwear (the amount depends on the duration of the trip, but do not overdo it – on longer trips it will be necessary to follow the course)
  • socks
  • sleepwear
  • long/short pants
  • shirts / longs / short sleeves shirts
  • sweater
  • swimwear
  • small towel (no need to sleep in better hotels)
  • extra pair of shoes/sandals

Traveling cosmetics

  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • soap/shower gel (not necessary if you are sleeping in better hotels)
  • shampoo (you do not need to sleep in better hotels – unless you can survive without your favorite brand)
  • face cream
  • lipstick
  • sunscreen
Photography Equipment
Photography Equipment

Travel Checklist – photography equipment

  • camera body
  • a wide-angle lens with a sun visor (which at least covers 28mm at the wide-angle end, possibly less so that you can create excellent landscape and architectural shots
  • a telephoto lens with a sun visor (for example, 100-300mm, with which you can photograph remote details and create portraits in an unobtrusive way)
  • good flash
  • durable, stable but light tripod
  • remote trigger
  • skylight filters, permanently mounted on all lenses. The skylight filter improves the quality of the photos and lenses protect against physical impact – it’s much cheaper to replace a broken filter than a broken lens (we speak from our own experience – we used to have an accident at which the filter was purged and the lens remained completely undamaged)
  • polarization filter
  • spare batteries for the camera and flash
  • Camera charger (and for flash, if you use the right batteries)
  • memory cards (movies, if you are still classical followers)
  • high-quality lens cleaning cloth
  • cleaning accessories for sensors of digital SLRs
Useful Accessories
Useful Accessories

Travel checklist – Useful travel accessories

  • raincoat or small folding umbrella
  • disinfectant wipes – you can wipe your hands before eating if you don’t have a chance to wash your hands
  • Swiss knife (combination of knife, can opener, bottle opener and scissors are perfectly sufficient)
  • mosquito repellent
  • a small package of washing powder
  • rope (useful for drying clothes in hotel rooms)
  • sunglasses
  • mobile/cell phone (don’t forget to a charger)
  • bluetooth speaker
  • plastic bags
  • cheap wristwatch with alarm (alarm in some hotels is not reliable)
  • sewing accessories
  • toilet paper
  • a small notebook and pen
  • slippers (used on the beach and in dirty hotel bathrooms)

Avoid Overweight Fees

Those who like to take a lot of things on the trip know very well that the price for extra luggage kilograms is not low. Air carriers charge at least 10 USD per additional kilogram.

In the case of oceanic flights, the luggage limit is usually 60 kilograms. However, for accurate information on the permissible weight and size of luggage check with your airline.

Measure all of you bags before reaching the airport so you’re no longer caught with overweight fees that could cost you a lot in extra charges.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scale
Digital Luggage Scale

Etekcity’s digital luggage weight scale is designed to save you stress and money when traveling by airline. With a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds (50 kg) and no setup necessary, you are able to measure the weight of nearly any bag in an instant, at any time and any place.

Digital Luggage Scale
Digital Luggage Scale
  • High-accuracy sensor and rubber paint technology. Capacity: 110lb/50kg, Graduation: 0.1lb/50g
  • Avoid Overweight Fees: hook your suitcased for instant weight and save time before you wait in line
  • Built for Travel: Weight before you go and fit the scale in pockets without adding excessive weight
  • Thermometer temperature sensor in both F° and C°. Know your delicate luggage is in an ideal climate
  • Tare and auto-off functions included to preserve both time and energy; Low battery and overload indication; Automatically lock weight results; FDA/FCC/CE/ROHS Approved; 1-Year Warranty by Etekcity
Luggage Scale
Luggage Scale

Simply hook your baggage onto the durable steel hook and the scale will display results within seconds.

Whether for home or work, traveling should always be this simple.

This scale is made for the avid traveler. Its simple and reliable user-friendly design makes it easy to weigh suitcases, purses and backpacks on the fly.

Pocket size scale
Pocket size scale

Its lightweight and portable build makes it easy to slide the scale in any small pocket without adding extra weight.

Enjoy Traveling
Enjoy Traveling

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